Chief Originals isn’t just a brand.

Chief Originals is a representation of many health conscious individuals way of life.

Chief OriginalsWe are dedicated to bringing you products made with only the purest, cleanest ingredients on earth.

We put all ingredients through a comprehensive laboratory testing process, just to make sure they are of the highest quality and are 100% authentic. If they’re not, they don’t go in Chief Originals products – period. Instead, we continue our search. This may not be the easiest way to find ingredients, but it’s the best way to ensure our ingredients are all that we say they are.

In today’s business world, going the easy route while leaving integrity at the front door may be a great way to maximize profits, but we have chosen a different path.

Chief Originals has a commitment to purity, nature, honor, dignity and tradition, just like our Native American brothers. We invite you to help us make a positive, healthy difference in the lives of many.

We have committed to supporting Native American causes. We feel it’s important to honor their sacrifices, culture and heritage, and we do so on our labeling and give 1% of all profits to Native American causes.